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For a look at our impact on the community, here’s a letter from our Board President, John Sanders:

“As the year draws to a close, we have much to celebrate – another successful year for the agency with real impact upon the lives of many families in our community. Here is just one of their stories:

Charles always had a difficult time adjusting to new environments and the move to Kindergarten was weighing on him heavily. There would be new students, new teachers, new classrooms, and at the end of the day, a new Afterschool Program at the Elizabeth Peabody House.

By the time the first day of school arrived, Charles had visited EPH several times, but rehearsals are never as nerve-wracking as the show itself. He met Sam, the Program Director, at the end of the school day, and he buckled into the program van to make the trip to EPH. The other students in the van were older and had been coming to EPH for years, so they told him all about the projects and activities he had ahead of him. They comforted him with stories of their own first days, and Charles started to feel a little better.

When they walked through the door, the first day of school energy was everywhere. Students were telling summer camp tales and showing off their back-to-school clothes. Charles met his Group Leaders and the other students in his group. They invited him over for a getting-to-know-you game, but it was all too much for him, so he sat at a table near the door, intent on waiting until a familiar face walked through. Sam joined him; they talked about the first day of school and his favorite Pokémon cards. Eventually, they decided to take out the Legos and a smile flickered across Charles’ face.

Charles’ level of trust in the program’s staff, students, and environment solidified over the following days. It wasn’t long before he was one of the group—always eager to participate in activities and help the Group Leaders when they asked. He made friends easily, he had a positive attitude, and everyday he’d ask with a big smile, “What are we doing today?”

As a child with Social Anxiety Disorder, the transitional success that Charles was able to experience as a result of the care and support of the EPH staff was incredibly impactful on his young life. Not only did it provide him with a feeling of safety and security in a new environment, it also provided him with a positive foundation to build off of as he experienced change elsewhere in his life. To him, EPH represented both a safe place to flourish and a meaningful example of the opportunity for success that change can provide.

This story speaks to the transformative power of The Elizabeth Peabody House to help children and families achieve their full potential through early childhood education, youth development and enrichment, and family services. But without your help, this and countless other inspiring stories would be impossible. Your support today for our Annual Fund is absolutely critical for our continued success. Your generous gift could provide healthy snacks for our Preschool classrooms, help us buy new learning material for our Afterschool Program or send a child to summer camp for a week. It could also ensure our future stability by providing funds to cover increasing facility costs and repairs.

Thank you for your consideration and support.